HouseTrip email-on-enquiry

Interface Design

This project started on the hypothesis that if we sent an email to a Guest when they made an enquiry as a form of confirmation that we could improve conversion for people following through on bookings. The email contained content that we'd previously put on the property page once the enquiry was sent.

The idea was that people would feel more confident in the enquiry made, more committed and more likely to read the content and potentially make multiple enquiries.

To test the hypothesis we composed the email by incorprating components of pre-existing email templates we were already using elsewhere so the development turnaround time would be kept to a minimum.

The email redesign

The results were really positive and users who received the email converted 7% better than users who didn't get an email.

The average number of enquiries sent by users who got an email also increased by 24%.

This was rolled out across the site with added trust messaging with a proposed responsive revision worked up based on more recent marketing emails which I then designed.

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